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의학박물관장 송호천 사진

This museum is the home of the cumulative history and culture of both
the Chonnam National University Medical School (CNUMS) and
its affiliated Hospitals.

Ho-Chun Song, M.D., Ph.D.
Chonnam National University Medical Museum
Gwangju, Korea

  The CNUMS was established in 1944 as the very first institution of higher learning in the Honam Region, the south-western region of Korea. It served as the origin of medical education as well as the conception of the CNU. The Medical Museum, the oldest building at the CNU, has been recognized as a historic landmark of modern cultural treasure. The CNU Hospital was derived from the Gwangju Ja-Hye Medical Clinic that was founded in 1910, the last year of the Chosun Dynasty. It carries 100 years of vast history and has served as the clinic site for the medical students since 1945 when the Gwangju Professional Medical School Hospital was established. In the CNUMM, there is a special room designated as the 5•18 Medical Chamber. This Chamber commemorates the value of humanity embodied by the numerous medical professionals and citizens of Gwangju who fought fiercely for democracy. The Chamber exhibits many historical, medical artifacts of the May 18 Democratic Uprising .The CNUMM continue to explore the medical activities in the Gwangju Uprising. The CNUMM is and continues to be the center for medical history and culture. It exhibits the historical role of the CNUMS and hospital, and it also demonstrates Korea’s important modern evolutions in the medical field and in the spirit of humanity.

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